Vote for The Crandall Haunting! Reader’s Choice Awards!

This is exciting! The Crandall Haunting is eligible for a Silver Falchion Reader’s Choice Award at the Killer Nashville writers’ conference! The voting is open to anybody and requires no registration of any kind. If you have a few seconds, please click the link below and vote for The Crandall Haunting! It’s in the “Best […]

Nice Ad. Could Use Some Toenail Polish.

I decided an ad in the Horror Writers Association newsletter might get some fresh eyeballs on The Crandall Haunting (not literally, unless you happen to have some eyeballs hanging around). So, I pulled out a couple copies of the paperback, piled them up this way and that and took a bunch of photos. From there, […]

What will you find when you open the pages of The Crandall Haunting?

The whispered words of a dying woman reach beyond the grave. Those who hear seek retribution. When Emerson arrives for his new job as project manager for a new casino resort, he doesn’t realize he is putting himself in peril. But inexplicable things are happening at the Crandall construction site. This job means survival, for […]