My Inner Ham

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When I write, I see the action I’m describing so clearly, it’s like watching a motion picture unfold.  That’s why, when I sat down to think about promoting The Crandall Haunting, I knew I wanted to use video.  Not only is video hot on social media, it’s also a fun and challenging way to show a little tiny movie, with enough visual impact and intrigue to catch a potential reader’s eye.

It’s also a great way for me to release my inner ham, acting in and directing my own campy little scenes.  You may have seen a couple of my more eye-catching videos, The Cowboy and The Corpse. Both loosely represent scenes from The Crandall Haunting, and are designed to be a bit scary and strange, hoping to entice the viewer to click on, either to my Facebook page or the sale page on Amazon.  That scary cowboy with the changing face is my handsome husband, who has a long history of acting in some of my weirder productions. He might be the most game and patient person on the planet. The corpse is yours truly.  Here are pictures of me in the face paint (actually acrylic paint from a craft box in my garage. Hey, it was handy), and the last shot in the video.  For that, I took a still photo from the video and heavily doctored it, using Powerpoint (handy again, and I don’t have Photo Shop).  Also, I have included a still of the scary cowboy, and the video promotions, for you entertainment.

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.clara-make-up clara-scary2


The Corpse video:

The Cowboy video:

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