What will you find when you open the pages of The Crandall Haunting?


The whispered words of a dying woman reach beyond the grave. Those who hear seek retribution.

When Emerson arrives for his new job as project manager for a new casino resort, he doesn’t realize he is putting himself in peril. But inexplicable things are happening at the Crandall construction site.

This job means survival, for him and the most important person in his life, so he accepts the challenges caused by the driven developer and his family, who range from strange to downright dangerous. Then, there’s the appealing but forbidden woman who seems determined to ruin them.

It could be the stress playing tricks on his mind, but it seems as if something is out there, something worse than anything he has yet faced.

With the resort’s grand opening just weeks away, Emerson can no longer deny the truth.  The evil is real.  But will he reverse the course of destiny or become the next victim?


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